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Bond: Spectre Fashion

November 18th, 2015

We were very happy to receive an invitation from the British Consulate General, CALGARY, as they hosted a reception and screening for the new James Bond movie, Spectre. Roughly 400 Consulate contacts including UK Trade & Investment, Science and Innovation & Media attended a memorable evening while helping tell the story of the UK as a place to do business.

Before the screening, Jermyn Street 1664 drew considerable attention with its presentation at the “black tie, shaken not stirred” event. Another successful branding event for a young store with a nearly 350 year-old heritage.

In Sam Mendes’ latest instalment it’s not just Ernst Blofeld back from the 60s, the spectre of Bonds past loom over Daniel Craig. Aside from a scene where 007 arrives at a funeral dressed as Karl Lagerfeld, costume designer Jany Temime has thrown Bond back to his roots. Reprising the modish tailoring that turned Sir Sean Connery into a style icon. Classic Bond is evoked by the closely tailored silhouette in subtle Glen checks with mid-notch lapels, pointed shirt collars and tight pronounced knots. Call it understated elegance, discreet glamour or maybe normcore? When in town 007 is the sartorial patron saint of the professional man, he’s a secret agent after all. Though a tendency to engage in firefights, car chases and all manner of indiscreet destruction stretch the credibility of his insurance salesman cover story.

007’s wardrobe in this latest film does however disguise one fact: Unlike the five Bonds before him Craig is not a 6’ 2” plus former model, but a thoroughly regular 5’ 10” with a rather square but athletic build. Much like a 007 gadget, all is not as it seems, Bond’s silhouette employs all the tailor’s tricks. Elongating his legs with a slim trouser that sits on the natural waist and falls to the ankle without breaking, paired to a relatively short jacket with narrow shoulders to soften a square top line. No wonder the collective noun for tailors is a “disguising”.

Special thanks to Nathan Jones Esq. for the insight on & contribution to this article!

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